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Bailey’s General Store, Coffee Bar @ Bailey’s engage in friendly competition for Heart Drive

By Staff | Nov 30, 2010

From Nov. 6-13, Bailey’s General Store and the Coffee Bar @ Bailey’s each sold red hearts for $1 donations, to contribute to the American Heart Association’s Annual Heart Drive. The two teams, located under one roof, decided to make a friendly competition for who could raise the most money. Combined, these two groups raised over $1,200 for the Heart Drive this year.

Both joke about being the “winner” in the friendly competition and each have a case to why they actually won.

The Coffee Bar @ Bailey’s, which is located at the front counter inside Bailey’s General Store, raised $400 for the cause, and argues that they should be named the winner – based on square footage.

Richard Johnson, manager of Bailey’s General Store, believes the Coffee Bar has the unfair advantage, based on their location at the front of the store. Not to mention that they, Bailey’s, managed to raise $880 for the Heart Drive this year.

“The numbers don’t lie,” said Johnson, “and our whole wall was bright red and covered in hearts.”

The Heart Drive was inspired by 16 year old stroke survivor, Megan Lucker. After a stroke in 2008, she’s returned to a full healthy teenager, and is now raising money and awareness for a cause that many are not so lucky to survive.

“We figured that since we’re healthy, it’s our responsibility to help raise money and awareness,” Lucker said.

The verdict is still out for who the official winner of this competition was – but both Baileys’ General Store and the Coffee Bar alike were happy to compete for such a great cause, and raise money for the Heart Drive. Both teams will continue to “paint” their walls red each November.