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Clean Air Act should apply to industrial vehicles

By Staff | Nov 24, 2010

To the editor,

This day and age concern for the environment and our reliability on fossil fuels have reached new heights. This has moved industry to become more efficient. Not only is being more efficient better for the environment, it is cost effective as well.

The automotive industry has made many advances in fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency, “Hybrid” and “Flex-Fuel” vehicles are starting to dominate the industry. This is due in a large part because of the demand of the consumer. This also is due to restrictions put into effect by the EPA.

The next step is to demand better efficiency in larger industrial vehicles. Large freight trucks, garbage trucks and vehicles in the same class have extremely low mpg (some at 6 mpg).

Whether you consider yourself “green” or not, this directly affects you. We carry the burden not only environmentally, but monetarily. When you have something shipped or are assessed for garbage pick-up, you and I have to pay for the fuel!!

The Clean Air Act gives the EPA and the DOT the authority to propose the first global warming and fuel efficiency standards for these trucks.

We should demand this change. We carry the burden — let the big industry carry some of it.

Thomas Hale

North Fort Myers