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Franklin Foodservice Solutions announces website launch

By Staff | Nov 23, 2010

Sanibel-based Franklin Foodservice Solutions, an international foodservice consulting firm, recently announced the debut of their new, redesigned website — www.Franklin-Foodservice.com — which provides visitors easy navigation of relevant news and information, description of services as well as a library of foodservice commentaries.

“We’ve completely redesigned our website to more clearly tell people who we are, what we do, and how we work” said Dave DeWalt, president. “It’s written in an engaging and conversational style, with features that will allow our viewers to easily navigate and explore the site.”

The website includes a “What’s Cookin'” page, which contains information on current client projects, as well as links and comments regarding news that affects foodservice marketing, sales and supply chain decisions.

The “Library” contains hundreds of foodservice marketing insights and commentaries organized by topic. Newsletter subscribers can browse and download these at no cost.

“We’re also utilizing new technology and social media to communicate with the foodservice industry,” said employee Drew Chicone. “We recognize that the next generation of sales, marketing, and operations professionals have grown up with these tools. At the same time, we hope to help our clients see the business potential of using these fast-changing technologies.”

Visitors to the site can join more than 850 other foodservice professionals who currently subscribe to the monthly Foodservice Marketing Insights newsletter. DeWalt has a unique look at the seldom-discussed issues that affect all foodservices manufacturers and distributors. Subscriptions are available at no cost at www.Franklin-Foodservice.com/subscribe.

For more information, call 395-2787 or visit www.Franklin-Foodservice.com.