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Ground-breaking held for Cape Coral First United Methodist Church renovation

By Staff | Nov 22, 2010

A ground-breaking ceremony held Sunday at Cape Coral First United Methodist Church for a construction project that will provide 150 jobs over the next six months.
Mark Stevens, owner of Stevens Construction, said they broke ground Sunday afternoon and began the construction Monday.
The ground-breaking ceremony went very well Sunday, Stevens said, which attracted a large group of individuals. Mayor John Sullivan and Councilmembers Marty McClain and Kevin McGrail attended as well.
McClain agreed in stating that the ground-breaking went very well.
“It is encouraging to find someone moving forward with their goals and staying focused on their plans,” he said.
The church put together a vision about two years ago, Stevens explained, and all of the designing, fund-raising and permitting was done in the last nine months. The project, which will provide 150 jobs throughout the duration, will be done by Easter.
Stevens said the project will keep some people at work and provide some people with work. He explained that it is a great opportunity for Cape Coral First United Methodist Church to be able to capitalize on the labor market and low cost of construction.
There will be 22 subcontracting companies involved in the project, he said, which consist mainly of Cape Coral companies.
“A good majority of them are Cape Coral companies,” he said, “but not all of them.”
The total worth of the contracts given to Cape Coral companies is $200,000.
The remodeling and 7,000-square-foot addition, will provide a new preschool, multipurpose room, classrooms, kitchen and associated services. Stevens said it will be a 14,000-square-foot facility once it is completed.
Cindy Frey, church administrator for Cape Coral United Methodist Church, said Stevens Construction is remodeling the gymnasium because it was the most under-utilized space on campus, along with it being out of date.
The new facility will provide space for infants through 4 year olds, along with a youth center for junior high and high school aged children.
Frey explained that the children ministry grew from a few children a couple of years ago to more than 100 children right now.
A similar growth was experienced for the high school and junior high group as well, which began with a few and is now topping at 40 children.
“We needed an improved facility for those young children as well,” she said.
McClain explained that individuals are looking forward to the building being constructed and completed.
“We are really looking forward to being able to provide this renovation and addition to the church in order to enhance their children’s ministry,” Stevens said.