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Sanctuary Island Electric wins shocker over All Island Glass in softball battle

By Staff | Nov 10, 2010

Sanctuary Island Electric

Last Wednesday night, Sanctuary Island Electric softball team stepped onto the diamond against the heavily favored All Island Glass.

In the off season, All Island picked up Harold the Hammer and Dynamite Daemon Law. Despite having these two heavy hitters, All Island Glass was squeegeed off the field by Sanctuary Island Electric. All Island Glass’s famous last words were “Don’t taze me, bro,” as Sanctuary Electric sent 10,000 jigawats of batting power into their opponents for a 21-3 win, their first of the season.

Electric sparkplug Chris Brightman said, “We knew it was going to be a tough game so we had to unplug the surge protector.”

The other big matchup of the evening was a collision of megapowers — the only two undefeated teams — Sanibel Grill Wrecking Crew and the Bay to Beach Bombers. It was a one-sided fight though as the Bombers imploded. Sanibel Grill took a solid lead in the third inning and slow-cooked Bay to Beach the rest of the game to win 19-5.

In the final game of the evening, Williams and Williams buried the hatchet into the Aztec Plumbing Warriors. After getting into a 14-2 deficit, Aztec began to dig themselves out of the drain, but Williams and Williams foreclosed on their hopes. Final score: Williams and Williams 14, Aztec Plumbing 9.

All Island Glass

The Sanibel Softball League plays every Wednesday night at the Sanibel Ball Fields. For more information, contact the Sanibel Recreation Center at 472-0345.