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Open letter to voters

By Staff | Nov 10, 2010

To the editor,

Voters across Lee County started something. Together, we created a campaign of hundreds of people spanning the political spectrum-people who think it’s past time to move away from partisan politics toward combined efforts that solve important local problems. We want our county government to focus on the people it serves, not on protecting bureaucracy.

Our world has changed. We’re trying to survive increasing fuel costs, pollution, climate change, and a recession of monumental local impact. 37,000 Lee County people are job hunting today; 600,000 pay too much county tax for too few services. We want

a) Over-taxing to stop

b) County government to help stabilize small businesses (the key to today’s new jobs) while we seek new industry long-term

c) Land use and transportation plans and permitting changes that are more than token because we need substantive change to help our economic recovery

d) Water resources protected because they are our economy as well as our environment.

“All politics is local.” All solutions start at home with participants, not spectators.

Please, keep participating. Thank you for caring!

Carla B. Johnston