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Captiva wins with Panel land use planning

By Staff | Nov 10, 2010

To the editor,

Many thanks to the Captiva Community Panel for the excellent land use survey process, as well as the results analysis and report from Max Forgey, land use planning consultant to the Panel.

I found the report observations and conclusions to be right on the money. I very much appreciate an overall excellent land use survey process. The preponderance of the input from the community is supportive of the planning objectives as articulated by the Panel; and the outcomes reflect an enormous planning effort for land use.

Only recently back on the Panel as a member, I applaud the diligent work of those who have been deliberating on these important issues for a great many years. The first planning policies were submitted over a decade ago to Lee County after hundreds of hours of public forums, innumerable interviews and focus group sessions by Morris DePew and Associates. I particularly applaud a process which has given such great public opportunity for participation and has been so encouraging of wide community involvement. I found this Panel effort a very refreshing alternative to the erstwhile methods which excluded or ignored community participation and executed change in a “drive by” fashion.

The Panel approach to government in the Sunshine has indeed been a much slower process. Under law, such principles of transparency require planning to be in the Sunshine versus the secretive and controlling methods previously employed too often on Captiva and elsewhere in the country. Prior to the Panel’s responsibility for planning Captiva land use matters, the few decided for the many; now everyone can be involved, should they so choose.

Like the Captiva community’s overall response, I agree with the vast substance of Max Forgey’s analysis and comments. I fully support the conclusions reached by the community as represented in the Forgey analysis report. I also appreciate the thorough efforts of the Captiva Community Panel and the survey conducted by Gooderham and Associates.

Mike Mullins