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Sanibel Air Conditioning launches new website

By Staff | Nov 9, 2010

In the aftermath of Hurricane Charley that tore through the Sanibel and Captiva island chain on Aug. 15, 2004, few could get on the islands if they didn’t have a pass.

Carol Shapiro, the office manager at Sanibel Air Conditioning, remembered how the dense canopy of trees that overhung Periwinkle Way, had collapsed, blocking passage to the majority of the island and to Captiva.

“We were worried about many of our client’s homes and air conditioning units – we had no electricity and no ability to look up our customer database because our computers were down,” Shapiro said. “So, Bryan and Todd Hayes (our owners) got in their trucks, driving to all the homes they could get to, and looking for hangers.”

“Hangers” are air conditioning units that got blown off their support posts or roofs and that end up dangling off side of a house by their piping. Bryan and Todd would return to the office with lists of addresses to arrange for the units to be safely removed. Many of the homeowners were still spending their summers up north and had no idea what damage had been done to their homes.

Given the fact that these 200 to 300-pound pieces of equipment where hanging by mere threads lead to city officials to allow the entire crew of Sanibel Air Conditioning to re-enter Sanibel prior to the general public.

“It got to the point that we were cutting so many of these hangers down that I started dreaming about it,” said Todd Hayes.

“We were trying to prevent the homeowners from being delayed from reentering their properties because of a dangerous situation,” added Bryan. “It was definitely something I will remember for the rest of my life.”

On Monday, Sanibel Air officially launched its new website — www.sanibelair.com — providing their clients, and future clients, with a reliable resource where they can find information about air conditioning, air quality, heating and in the event of another disaster, a source to communicate useful information. Clients can also have 24 hour and 7 day a week access to see the range of services offered by Sanibel Air Conditioning, including new products, current business information and to make service requests or inquiries.

In addition, they are featuring a news section providing customers with updated service recommendations, tips to maintain their existing systems, ways to cut energy bills, information on federal tax credits and promotional activities.

“We are excited to have a fresh online presence and be able to provide our customers with yet another helpful service,” said Bryan. “I’m looking forward to seeing it become a great resource for both for our customers and for ourselves.”

For more than 20 years, the Hayes family had been installing, maintaining and upgrading air conditioning systems exclusively on Sanibel and Captiva. What began with a single employee, Dan Hayes, who retired and sold the business to his sons Bryan and Todd in 2006, has since grown to a staff of 18. What has not changed, however, is Dan Hayes’ vision:“To provide our customers with quality, reliable service when you need it, and remembering our customer’s names.”

Sanibel Air Conditioning is located on 1213 Periwinkle Way, Suite A, on Sanibel. Visit their new website at www.sanibelair.com.