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Cape man charged with attempted murder

By Staff | Nov 7, 2010

A Cape Coral man was charged with attempted murder Saturday night after he reportedly fired a round of buckshot at the home of a man he believed to be his common-law wife’s new boyfriend.
The victim was not hit by the shotgun blast.
Douglas Keith Winland, 53, of 3510 N.W. 47th Street, was taken into custody after a short standoff with police.
Police say he fired the gun at 3808 N.E. 10th Place shortly before 7 p.m. Saturday, hitting a door inside the garage as the victim closed it behind him.
Winland then fled back home where he barricaded himself inside.
Cape Police established a perimeter, and Sgt. Rob Wardrop was able to contact Winland via the telephone. Winland was reluctant to leave his residence however, Wardrop was able to coax him into surrendering after about 90 minutes of conversation, officials said.
Winland was arrested and transported to the Lee County Jail.
Platoon Four officers (North District) were assisted by officers with the SWAT Unit, and Detective Patricia Enterline and Detective Paul Kaye with the department’s Investigative Services Bureau.
Neither the victim nor the woman said to be Winland’s common-law wife were identified.

Source: Cape Coral Police Department