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Captivans show overwhelming support for CEPD beach renourishment referendum

By Staff | Nov 3, 2010

As Election Day came to a close, the Captiva Erosion Prevention District was thrilled to learn that more than 75 percent of voters approved the bond issue for the CEPD’s 2013-14 beach renourishment project.

“I have to say, the beaches of Captiva looked especially beautiful this morning,” said CEPD Senior Administrator Kathy Rooker.

According to Rooker, 164 residents voted in favor of the referendum and 49 voted against, giving the referendum a 78.6% approval rating — one of the highest instances of support in CEPD history.

“Throughout the County there were many different measures on the ballots and most of them were defeated. So, to see this community so united and strong in the stewardship of its beaches, it’s amazing,” Rooker said. “The CEPD commissioners give endless hours to protect Captiva’s beaches and, not only are the voters staying well informed, they’re generously committed to their beaches. Captiva Island lies in good hands, the hands of Captivans. I’m so grateful for their selfless stewardship of this island.”

Because Captivans showed such overwhelming support for the referendum, Rooker said the CEPD will immediately launch into preparations for the 2013-14 beach renourishment project.

“Not only is it going to allow us to hit the ground running, but it’s going to give us momentum. We have lots of work to do, but I’m so glad we have the support behind us,” Rooker said. “We’re going to find the best design elements for the project and we’re seeking numerous competitive bids for the project. We’ll also be searching high and low for funding sources from the Federal, State and County governments — and we want to show them the numbers from the vote so that they can see the commitment and support from the residents. We won’t give up. Captivans have shown their trust in us and now we need to do our part. We’re fired up.”

This will be the fourth beach renourishment project the CEPD has conducted since 1988.

“This referendum was a lot of financial responsibility for these citizens and it proves how much they love their island and that they’re willing to make sacrifices for the future of Captiva,” Rooker said. “I’m just very thankful to the citizens of Captiva and very proud to be a small part of this with the community.”

For more information about the Captiva Erosion Prevention District and the upcoming 2013-14 beach renourishment project, call 472-2472 or go to www.MyCEPD.com‘>www.MyCEPD.com.