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Ordinance OK’d to allow 48 single-family homes in Sandoval

By Staff | Nov 1, 2010

The Cape Coral City Council approved an ordinance that would allow 9 acres of the Sandoval Subdivision to be devoted to 48 single-family homes.
The 524-acre project in the western part of the city was originally approved in 2004, to provide space for multi-family and single-family homes, along with commercial professional developments. The ordinance states that the subdivision will make a market change from 104 residential multi-family homes to 48 single-family homes. The change in the subdivision’s plan to 48 single-family lots was made so the developer could address the current market demand of meeting the needs of new families and retirees coming to the Cape Coral area.
A deviation of 1,900 square feet from the required minimum lot size of 6,500 square feet will be applied for all single-family lots, so the lots will be 4,600 square feet. In addition, the ordinance also states that a deviation of 5 feet from the required minimum front yard of 20 feet is required to allow 15 feet on all the single-family homes front lots. The deviations are consistent with the homes that are already developed in the subdivision, so the character will be maintained and upheld.
Councilmember William Deile said the ordinance has a decrease in units and people, which will have less stress on the infrastructures and roads.
Councilmember Kevin McGrail said the ordinance is an economic reality of 2010. He explained that the smaller lots and the smaller homes aligns with what they expect to sell.
“We only received one email and it was positive,” McGrail said about the ordinance. “They would much rather see homes than empty fields.”
The current prices of the homes range from $160,000 to $170,000. The subdivision will have five additional years to build out the community for single-family usage.