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Students decorating shoes, backpacks to be sent to Haiti

By Staff | Oct 28, 2010

A middle school art teacher is kicking off a new project for her students that will provide them with an educational experience, along with the opportunity to add their artistic touches to canvas shoes and backpacks to be sent to Haiti.
Oasis Middle School Art Educator Sara Masters said she got the idea of involving her students in the creative process of designing shoes and backpacks to be sent to Haiti from an art teacher conference she attended in Orlando.
“I want my students to learn and understand that there are a lot of people much less fortunate then us in the world,” she said.
Principal Chris Terrill said he thinks the art project is a great idea and a very noble effort because Masters is showing her students how to care and take action.
“She has always been a teacher that cares deeply of the ones around her,” Terrill said. “She has definitely been a benefit to our students.”
The art project will guide students through a process of designing canvas shoes and backpacks for the non-profit organization Food For The Poor. The goal is to donate at least 200 pairs of new shoes or backpacks by the end of the quarter, which will be sent to Haiti through the organization.
Food For The Poor was chosen because the organization was around before Haiti was hit with an earthquake earlier this year, along with it providing proof that Haitians receive all the gifts sent to them.
Students will have the opportunity to make their own sketch designs that will be painted on the shoes or backpacks.
“They will have to do sketches prior to each shoe painting and get my approval,” Masters said.
Once they begin the art project, they will use fabric markers and paint, puffy paint and acrylic paint, along with sequins.
“I would love them to be able to see pictures of Haitians receiving their gifts of shoes,” Masters said.
Oasis Middle School is currently seeking donations of new plain white canvas shoes in all sizes to meet their goal of 200 sneakers. The shoes can be dropped off at Oasis Middle School located at 3507 Oasis Blvd., Cape Coral
“I am very excited about this project that my 8th period club will be doing this semester,” she said. “I am looking forward to having discussions with them about the importance of wanting to help other people in the world.”
For information contact Sara Masters at sara.masters@capecharterschools.org.