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Captiva Postmaster Trina Stokes retires Friday, Oct. 29

By Staff | Oct 28, 2010

After 27 years on the islands, Captiva Postmaster Trina Stokes is retiring.

If you ever wandered into the Post Office over the past four years, you probably met Postmaster Trina Stokes, one of Captiva’s most well-liked — and soon to be most-missed — features.

Today will be her last day on Captiva as Post Master, but after a 27-year career on the islands, Stokes said that her time on Captiva was the most precious of all — and while she’ll miss all the friendly, familiar faces of Captivans, she’s ready to start a new chapter in her life.

Stokes’ father passed away over the summer, and because her father was her mother’s main caregiver, Stokes is retiring so that she can relocate to Illinois to take care of her mom.

Before Stokes began her Captiva career in April of 2006, she spent 23 years at the Sanibel Post Office, moving up the ladder from mail carrier to clerk to acting supervisor.

When the job opened in Captiva, Stokes seized the opportunity.

“This is heaven here — after I leave, I’m going to become a snowbird just as soon as possible. I haven’t experienced a winter in 30 years!” Stokes said.

As the phone rang in the background, Stokes paused to listen to the message the caller was leaving. It was a snowbird calling to let Stokes know that they are officially back in town and asking her to please open their Post Office box.

Smiling as though an old friend she hadn’t seen in months was planning on dropping by to catch up, Stokes began thinking out loud about all the arrivals she would miss once her last day at the Captiva Post Office is over.

“I’ve really enjoyed being here. It was the highlight of my 27 years. Everyone is so nice and I’m going to miss that. They made me feel so special and I’ve made a lot of friends, but this is a new chapter in my life,” Stokes said.

And the people of Captiva are already starting to miss Stokes.

On Tuesday, the Captiva Civic Association surprised her with a special floral arrangement designed by Ruth Thompson of Captiva Blooms. The card that accompanied the bouquet thanked Stokes for her years of kindness and dedication.