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Sanibel Grill sizzles in softball season opener

By Staff | Oct 27, 2010

Gary Greenplate of Williams and Williams awaits the next pitch.

It was an exciting first week of games for the Sanibel Softball League.

The league’s defending champions, the Sanibel Grill, started off the new Softball season right where they left off — winning.

There was speculation among the others teams that the change in the Sanibel Grill’s management would leave some wrinkles that would need smoothing. But Captain Dale Gurnsey silenced his doubters. His team left their opponent All Island Glass in shatters last Wednesday in a decisive 20-4 victory.

“Gorgeous Gurnsey has a lot going on under those flowing locks of his” said teammate Mark Childers. “His game plan was most cerebral. It wouldn’t be a surprise at all if we go undefeated this year.”

In the other games of the evening, Williams and Williams sent shockwaves down the spine of Sanctuary Island Electric in a 15-9 comeback win. Joe Ramsey, the fearless and peerless captain of Williams and Williams, said, “The game is sure to have impact on the end-of-season standings.”

And in the final game of the evening, Aztec Plumbing challenged the new team: the Bay to Beach Bombers. The Aztec Plumbing Warriors went on a rampaging warpath early in the game taking a quick 11-3 lead after two innings. Just when it seemed the Bombers were going to implode, they rallied behind the leadership of Captain Lee Cosentino to put the plunger to Aztec Plumbing 22-14.