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Cape man accused in two home burglaries

By Staff | Oct 27, 2010

A Cape Coral man remained in jail Wednesday morning after police saw him attempt to break into a neighbor’s home, according to officials.
Nathan Thomas Spanley, 29, of 2912 S.E. Santa Barbara Place, Apt. C, is being held at the Lee County Jail on one count of burglary occupied dwelling unarmed, one count of burglary unoccupied dwelling unarmed and one count of larceny theft $300 or more but less than $5,000.
He was denied bond, according to booking records at the jail.
Spanley was under surveillance Tuesday as a potential suspect in a home burglary when detectives observed him forcibly enter a home at 2908 S.E. Santa Barbara Place through the rear lanai screen door, officials reported. Spanley returned to his home after he failed to gain entry into the home.
Detectives made contact with Spanley and took him into custody. Further investigation found that the home was occupied when he tried to break in.
Police spokeswoman Connie Barron reported that the Property Crimes Unit was investigating a burglary at 2933 Santa Barbara Blvd. where a television had been stolen. Detectives set up surveillance on Spanley, who lived nearby, as a possible suspect when they saw him try to break into the other home.
Gilma Espinal reported Monday that a 40-inch Panasonic television was stolen from her apartment at 2933 Santa Barbara Blvd. The television, worth an estimated $700, was found to be missing on Saturday, according to a report.
“He was a guy who came to my house who was hired by friends of mine,” she said Wednesday. “He helped them. We were moving out of the apartment.”
According to Espinal, they left the television and other light items that she could lift at the apartment to be moved later. When she returned home, the television was missing. Espinal visited neighbors who told her what they saw.
“They literally told me they saw the guy,” she said.
“I never thought it was him,” Espinal added. “I met him the day we were moving out.”
Upon hearing from the neighbors that Spanley lived in the neighborhood, she drove around and spotted him selling a table. Identifying his possible home, she returned later and copied down a telephone number written on the table that was for sale. Espinal said she gave the address and number to police.
“The TV hasn’t been found yet,” she said. “We’re waiting to see.”
Spanley has a court date set for Nov. 29.