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Early voting turnout for General Election is ‘steady’

By Staff | Oct 22, 2010

Early voting continues to draw steady numbers to the polls, according to Supervisor of Elections Sharon Harrington.
As of Friday afternoon, 2,558 people cast their ballots early at the Cape Coral location, which put it behind the Fort Myers Elections Main office with 3,162 ballots cast.
Harrington said that 10,760 ballots have been cast so far, countywide.
“We’re seeing some real numbers,” Harrington said.
For those who can’t make it to the polls, early or otherwise, the last day to request a mail in ballot is Wednesday, Oct 27.
Harrington said all mail in ballots must be in the elections office by no later than 7 p.m. on election day, Nov. 2.
She also said lines at the Cape location have been manageable, and voters haven’t had to wait very long to cast their ballots. She also said voters have been prepared, having read the sample ballots before heading to the polls.
“I think it’s been pretty smooth,” she said, adding, “There’s been no long back ups. People are using their sample ballots as guides.”
Harrington said she was invited by the “Take Back the Cape” group to speak at their recent town hall, but declined because the group has expressed political ideologies or beliefs.
She did say their message of “get out and vote” was one with which she could agree, and added that all people should be as interested in local politics as they are in national issues.
“People have a tendency not to be interested in local elections,” Harrington said. “People need to understand that if they have a problem with their road President Obama isn’t going to care, but a council member might be their neighbor … the higher it goes up for elected officials, the further away it goes from John Q. Public.”
Early voting continues through Saturday, Oct 30, and is available Monday through Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
The Cape Coral Branch Office is at 1031 S.E. 9th Place, No. 3, 533-7031. Voters can also cast ballots at all five early voting locations around the county, regardless of where they live.