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Police: Child rides bike into bus

By Staff | Oct 21, 2010

A boy on a bicycle reportedly sustained minor injuries after crashing into a bus this morning in southeast Cape Coral.
The accident occurred at about 9:18 a.m. at the intersection of Southeast Sixth Lane and Del Prado Boulevard South, according to Connie Barron, police spokeswoman. An initial report indicates that the incident involved a child of about 12 years old and a handicap school bus.
“The child was not hit by the bus,” she said. “The child ran into the rear of the bus.”
The initial report does not show that the boy was transported to a hospital or medical facility for treatment, according to Barron. The report also does not show that EMS responded to the scene of the accident.
“This is an area where the bicycle was required to stop before crossing into a marked roadway from an alley access, but the child did not stop,” she said. “He ran into the rear of the bus as it went by.”
Barron added that no one on the school bus was injured in the incident.
A temporary road block was set up following the accident, but the road block has since been cleared.