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Ban cell phones while driving

By Staff | Oct 20, 2010

To the editor,

While on my bicycle the other day I had to crossPeriwinkle Way twice within 10 minutes. Both times, while I was in an appropriate and well marked crosswalk, I was nearly hit by a car, neither of which slowed down or paid any attention to the fact that someone was in the crosswalk.

What did they both have in common? Both were driven by individuals on a cell phone.

We are all aware of the public debate on “distracted drivers,” Maybe it is time we paid attention to the issue right here on our sanctuary island. As we encourage more and more bicyclists andwalkers to visit our island and help out economy – isn’t time we find appropriate ways to ask drivers to put down their phones and enjoy our island and protect us all as well. Or better yet, ban cell phones while driving on the island?

What better way to remind us all that this is a special place.

Dick Mark