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Student arrested after officials find handgun at school

By Staff | Oct 16, 2010

A student was arrested a Cypress Lake High School Friday after he was found to be in possession of a 22 caliber handgun. He told investigators the weapon was for protection.
Ron Lamar Hutto, 15, was charged with possession of a firearm on school property, carrying a concealed firearm, and violation of probation.
On Friday, Oct. 15, school officials at Cypress Lake High School turned two 22 caliber bullets over to the school resource officer. The SRO reviewed classroom attendance records and began to conduct an investigation. During the course of his investigation the SRO and school administrators located a handgun in the backpack of Ron Hutto, officials said.
The investigation by the SRO revealed Hutto had been having ongoing problems with a young man in his neighborhood. Hutto was concerned for his safety after a recent altercation with the young man. Hutto decided he needed to carry a handgun due to the neighborhood issues and told the SRO he obtained the handgun before school. Hutto would not identify the young man or the person who gave him the handgun.

Source: :ee County Sheriff’s Office