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Say yes to our beach

By Staff | Oct 14, 2010

To the editor,

Captiva is dependent on its sandy beaches for the enjoyment of its residents and tourists. Captivians make the decision to live on the island because they recognize and cherish the natural beauty, recreation and leisure activity of the beach.

Less recognized may be Captiva Island’s dependence on periodic beach nourishment. Prior to the first island wide beach nourishment in 1988, Captiva’s beaches were severely eroded. An eroded shoreline threatened to take into the sea Captiva Drive along the ‘Tween Waters stretch and several gulf front structures. Prior to beach nourishment, Capitva’s beach was virtually gone.

Fortunately, Captiva voters authorized the CEPD to restore the beach through their vote in a bond referendum. In 1988 work began on the first island long beach nourishment. The islands restoration involved the placement of sand to rebuild an island that was severely eroded. But beach nourishment requires periodic maintenance. The CEPD must renourish the beach at intervals to maintain the beach and preserve the recreational, storm protection, and habitat benefits provided by a healthy beach. The next renourishment is planned for 2013/14.

Say “yes to beaches” in the November 2 general election. Vote “yes” for the Nov. 2 beach referendum.

Marcel Ventura