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Rare opportunity to study the fictional and religious works of C. S. Lewis

By Staff | Oct 12, 2010

Many people only know C. S. Lewis as the author of such fictional works as The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. However, Lewis is also one of the most important Christian writers of the 20th century. He was a powerful orator, essayist, and lay theologian, and Lewis has been recognized as one of the great intellects of his day.
Now, residents of southwest Florida have a rare opportunity to enjoy two events surrounding the man’s life and works: a five-part study group titled, “An Introduction to the Works of C. S. Lewis,” and a one-man play, “An Evening with C. S. Lewis,” performed by British actor David Payne, who brings to life the world of a gifted man who lived a simple life in a modest house near Oxford, England. The study sessions include films, writings, and guided discussion.
People interested may attend any or all of the events. The study sessions are free, and admission to the performance is $10.
The study sessions will be presented locally by Deacon David Jackson at Epiphany Episcopal and St. John’s Episcopal churches. The events will be held at three locations in Lee County, giving many more people an opportunity to participate.
For more information, call Epiphany Episcopal Church at (239) 574-3200 or visit the website at www.epiphanyepiscopalchurch.com.