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Vet seeks to develop list of military personnel now serving

By Staff | Oct 9, 2010

A Cape Coral man is working to find a way to honor all of the city’s veterans when they return home.
Bruce Miller said he was charged by Mayor John Sullivan to develop a method in which to bring attention to returning men and women of the armed forces.
Miller said he retrieved a list of local military personnel whose names will be displayed on the electronic sign on Veterans Parkway from the Parks and Recreation Department.
But Miller said he needs more help in identifying soldiers who may not be on that list.
“I just need people to get in touch with me if they know of any one who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. I only need to ask them certain information, nothing private,” Miller said.
One Cape Coral mom recently criticized the city for not honoring her son.
Dana Araujo was upset that her son, Michael, did not receive the same kind of attention that Corey Kent received from the city, although both soldiers sustained similar injuries.
Both were injured while serving in Afghanistan.
Miller’s efforts hope to counter that frustration, by creating something that would honor everyone, and not focus on a single soldier. Miller said he’s had one idea already, to take the first of the city’s Bike Night celebrations next year and dedicate it to veterans.
He said the city seemed to be on board with the idea.
“I want to have a Bike Night that honors returning vets,” he said. “It’s also a great way for the community to get involved.”
Miller said he’s also trying to team with ROTC programs at Cape High Schools so students can reach out to the veterans with cards and other personal touches.
In the end, he just hopes to ensure that no one goes unnoticed again.
“It’s a big thing, but something that’s necessary,” he said. “I’m a vet myself.”
For those looking to help Bruce Miller in his efforts, or relay information about returning vets, Miller can be reached at FACMECH666768@aol.com.