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Woman reports jewelry missing after treatment at Cape Coral Hospital

By Staff | Oct 6, 2010

A woman has reported her wedding band and engagement ring stolen after she said she told to remove them prior to X-rays at the Cape Coral Hospital.
On Tuesday morning, a North Fort Myers man contacted Cape police to report the theft of his wife’s jewelry. According to a police report, the man brought his wife to the Cape hospital in April for a neck injury. Staff told his wife to place her jewelry in a bag prior to having X-rays and it went missing, according to the report.
The man reported that the stolen items were a three-diamond engagement ring and a yellow gold wedding band, as well as a white gold twist bracelet, a solid yellow gold bracelet and a solid yellow gold necklace. The missing items are valued at about $4,300.
According to the report, a nurse provided a plastic bag to the man’s wife for her to put her jewelry in. After the X-rays, the couple was moved to another room, at which point the man told the nurse that they had forgotten the bag. She told him that she would retrieve the bag and bring it to their room.
The nurse reportedly returned to the room and told the couple that the bag of jewelry was not on the shelf on which she had placed it, and that she would have to ask the other employees. The couple reportedly gave the nurse their phone number and were told they would be contacted if it was located.
According to the report, the man told police that he had contacted the hospital several times about the disappearance of his wife’s jewelry, but he was told there is nothing they can do and they have not been able to locate the jewelry. One employee reportedly said the hospital is not responsible.
Lee Memorial Health System officials did not return a telephone call seeking comment Wednesday.
The man told police that he wanted to file a police report on the incident and that he and his wife want to press charges if someone is tied to the theft.