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Waste Pro sets town hall meeting to address customer concerns

By Staff | Oct 6, 2010

Waste Pro has a town hall planned for Oct 30 at the Cape Coral Library to help address any lingering concerns residents may have about their waste collection service.
Waste Pro took over the city’s waste service management on Oct 1st.
Regional Vice President Keith Banasiak said the townhall was planned prior to Waste Pro taking over city service, and hopes citizens who are still having issues will use it as an opportunity to have those issues resolved.
“I’m looking for constructive criticism at the meeting,” he said. “I want constructive, not negative, criticism.”
Both Banasiak and Councilmember Kevin McGrail said residents should try to remain patient with the new service as it rolls out over the next four weeks.
McGrail said Waste Pro committed to not only him but the entire council to meet or exceed the service provided by Waste Management, the city’s previous waste service provider.
“My message is patience,” McGrail said. “Anything new is going to have a few glitches.”
There were some issues with commercial billing services Friday, McGrail said, as well as people not placing their new trash bins in the proper location.
Banasiak said Waste Pro is working to correct any commercial billing errors that might have occurred, and that service has been based on information provided to Waste Pro.
He also concurred that Waste Pro drivers were still having problems with placement of the new bins.
It’s important to place the bins on the property’s edge, or in the driveway, and not in the street.
Banasiak said he knows that people are still having some issues, but feels each day is improving as new drivers become accustomed to the routes.
He said it’s going to take 30 days or so to iron out the wrinkles.
“I think we’re doing well, each day we’re improving,” Banasiak said.
People who have issues with Waste Pro service should call Waste Pro at 945-0800.
Kevin McGrail said all residents should give Waste Pro an opportunity to fix any problems they may be having, but will gladly take calls regarding those issues if needed.
“Give them a chance to deal with the issues; they’re trying very hard to be proactive,” McGrail said.