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Lennon joins South Seas as community relations manager

By Staff | Oct 6, 2010

Suzanne Lennon recently joined South Seas as the resort’s communications and community relations manager.

With more than a decade of experience in the field of public relations, Suzanne Lennon has joined South Seas Island Resort as their new Communications and Community Relations Manager.

Though born in Kansas, Lennon spent most of her life as a Floridian and attended Flagler College in St. Augustine where she majored in Public Relations and Communications.

Almost immediately after graduation, Lennon headed for New York City, where she spent two years and held a number of public relations positions with various companies, including Bumble and Bumble, a division of Estee Lauder specializing in high end hair care products.

“I then returned to Naples where I started working at the Ritz-Carlton Resort of Naples. From there, I went to what is now called the Naples Grande Beach Resort,” Lennon said.

But in the spring of 2005, Lennon decided to move to Los Angeles.

“I’d built my career in New York around traditional public relations, but I really wanted to build an entertainment and event planning background in Los Angeles,” Lennon said. “I did everything from working with the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation planning charity events to working with Lily Holt footwear out of Palm Beach.”

After a few years in Los Angeles, Lennon decided to return home to Naples.

“I loved being in California, but I knew Florida was where I wanted to end up. The majority of my family is in Tampa — including my parents, my brother, his wife and their five children — and I just really wanted to be closer to my family. I actually have seven nieces and nephews. My sister, brother-and-law and their twins are still in Los Angeles,” Lennon said. “Naples is where all my Finally back home in Naples, Lennon started and managed her own public relations consulting business, Lennon Public Relations, for two years and then joined Naples Transportation and Tours as their marketing manager.

But after awhile, Lennon thought something was missing.

“I’ve always been interested in going back into the hospitality world. It’s something I’ve always loved — marketing in hospitality has always been a passion of mine,” she said.

Looking at all the LXR properties in the Southwest Florida area, Lennon came across an opening at South Seas Island Resort.

“With my background and for what I’d wanted to find in the area, it just turned out to be a perfect fit. It’s the best of both worlds for me — it’s experience in PR and marketing and communications — and it’s something I truly love to do,” Lennon said. “I’m a Floridian with communications experience that many may not have. I wanted to bring my skill set and what I’ve learned in New York and Los Angeles back home.

In her spare time, Lennon loves to travel with her extensive network of tight-knit, long-time friends.

“I also play golf, I love going to the beach — which is another reason I came back — and I’m a huge sports fan,” Lennon said, listing the Florida Gators and the Boston Red Sox as some of her favorite teams to follow. “I’m also kind of an amateur foodie. I love going to new restaurants and having dinner parties with my friends.

Lennon said she’s thrilled to be a part of the South Seas family.

“Living in Naples off and on for about 15 years now, I’ve always been familiar with South Seas and the traditions here on Captiva. I’ve always kind of admired it from a far, but now I’m so excited to be a part of the team now and to be on the property. It’s amazing,” Lennon said. “I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone in the area. In the short time that I’ve been here, everyone has been so welcoming. I’m really looking forward to continuing the community involvement in South Seas and looking into how we can increase that in the years moving forward and improve upon what we’ve already built. Community is so important here in Captiva and I’m looking forward to getting involved as much as I can.”