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Municipal Charter School Foundation kicks off Gold Card fund-raising campaign

By Staff | Oct 4, 2010

The Municipal Charter School Foundation has kicked off its discount Gold Card fund-raising campaign for the second year to help raise money for the classrooms.
Executive Director Kevin Colpoys said the Gold Card program was suggested to him by a friend who is involved in fund-raising activities. He said the Gold Card resembles the entertainment book, adding that it is much easier to use, but has less in terms of services.
“It was designed to give the foundation name recognition since a new organization often has a difficult time getting attention,” he said.
The card, which is $20, provides discounts for 25 local businesses, which can be used every day until July 31, 2011. Some of the discounts include buy-one, get-one free, along with several free offers.
Colpoys said although the Gold Card program was moderately successful last year, the main funding came from an auction fund-raiser. He said the auction, which they decided to forego this year and replace it with the Gold Card program, funded 23 grants totalling more than $10,000 for the classrooms.
“We desperately need this Gold Card campaign to work, so that we can continue this effort for the teachers,” Colpoys said.
He said he hopes to sell at least a 1,000 Gold Cards to help meet the needs of the teachers, which is just slightly out of reach of the school budget.
“Everyone in the community should have one and it pays for itself in very short order,” Colpoys said. “Please remember the card can be used over and over … each day of the year at the same business through July, 31, 2011.”
The Gold Cards will be sold at Oasis Elementary School; Christa McAuliffe Elementary School; Oasis Middle School and Oasis High School; Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce; Burandt, Adamski, Grossman and Powell Law Offices; Screenprint Plus; Century 21 Birchwood Reality; J Brooks & Associates and TIB Bank on Santa Barbara Blvd.
The Municipal Charter School Foundation will also host a scholarship golf tournament in the spring. The tournament will be held to help raise funds to provide a scholarship to a senior from the first graduating class from Oasis High School. The event is geared towards students and adult golfers.
The Lighthouse Awards program celebration, which represents “A Beacon of Excellence,” has been set for Friday, May 20, at Cape Harbor. The award is given to one educator in each charter school every year.
The Municipal Charter School Foundation, a non-profit corporation, was created in 2008, to help assist, advance and benefit the faculty, staff and student and operations of the city of Cape Coral Municipal Charter Schools.
For additional information about the Muni-cipal Charter School Foun-dation, call Colpoys at 218-239-6157 or visit its web site at www.cap-echarterfoundation.org.