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Lee Library System now offering Blu-ray discs

By Staff | Oct 2, 2010

The Lee County Library System is now offering Blu-ray discs for patrons as part of their collection.
Over 1,000 titles and 5,000 copies have been added to collections at five regional libraries including Northwest and Cape Coral, Lakes, and East and South County locations.
Deb Czarnik, manger of the Library System’s Technical Services and Collection Development, said the new Blu-ray collection has been a six-month project.
By monitoring consumer trends, Czarnik said, LCLS has been keeping track of what’s important to the public.
“In order for public libraries to stay relevant, we need to offer things that people want,” Czarnik said.
No additional money was used to carry the new Blu-ray collection, according to Czarnik, who said that some of the collection funds were moved around so the Blu-rays could be purchased.
“We’re trying to stay fiscally responsible but still stay relevant,” she added.
Although Blu-ray will now be offered, the LCLS will also still offer DVDs.
Many of the new Blu-ray purchases came with DVD copies of the movie, so in some ways it was like getting two-for-one, Czarnik said.
To distinguish the Blu-ray discs from traditional DVD’s, Blu-ray discs are in white cases, while DVD’s will remain in black cases. They are also labeled with a blue band along the top and bottom of the case.
Czarnik said other library systems in Florida are offering Blu-ray discs for their patrons, but the LCLS is one of the few “smaller” systems to do so.
“We are a little bit advanced for being a smaller system,” she said. “But there are other systems our size who are adding Blu-rays.”
For more information, visit the Lee County Library System’s website at library.lee-county.com.