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McClain questions ‘perception’ problem; King ‘just doing job’

By Staff | Sep 27, 2010

The city manager’s decision to switch some of the city’s cash investments caused one council member Monday to question not only the city manager’s ability to do so, but the method in which he distributes information to the council.
City Manager Gary King issued a memo to council late Friday advising the board members of his intent to look at different options to invest the city’s money.
Councilmember Marty McClain said during Monday’s council meeting that he did not receive the memo, and asked how King could make the choice to move millions of dollars without first seeking direction from council.
“I am bothered by the individual who can move funds at will without coming to council,” McClain said.
King said Monday that he tried unsuccessfully to reach council by phone at their offices on Friday, but did not call them on their cell phones.
He said, too, that he was trying to prevent media questions by making sure that each council member had time to digest the memo before discussion.
“I’m trying to stage information like this so you have an opportunity to discuss this before it hits the press,” King told council.
McClain said the “perception” of King’s actions was what he was trying to counter.
McClain added that if King continued to get information to “some” council members and not others, he would either demand King’s resignation or lead the charge to have him terminated.
“I see a trend on this council with certain members getting information ahead of time,” McClain said.
The majority of those on council claimed they did not receive information ahead of time.
King said he did not understand why he was being attacked for simply doing his job.
“I don’t see why I should be threatened with resignation when all I’m trying to do is save millions of dollars,” King said.