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Council officially sets water, sewer rates

By Staff | Sep 27, 2010

City Council unanimously supported water and sewer rates for FY 2011 Monday, which were expected to increase 15 percent but were brought down to 8.25 percent with work done by city staff.
The rates are set through 2015, but can be adjusted.
Under the previous projected rate hike of 15 percent, the average bill was expected to be $117 starting FY 2011.
With the new rate of 8.25 percent, the average bill is now projected to be $111.49 next year.
The average bill for water and sewer is projected to increase over the next four years, with the rate hike of 8.25 percent expected each year until 2014, when the rates are expected to increase 3.5 percent.
Councilmember Chris Chulakes-Leetz previously praised the work of staff and management for reducing the rates.
Monday night was no different, but he tasked City Manager Gary King to continue to work on the rates.
“There are people who think an 8 percent increase is unacceptable, but a 15 percent increase would have been truly unacceptable,” Chulakes-Leetz said.
In other news, city council selected seven citizens to head the city’s redistricting commission.
William Erbick, Lynn Johnson, Frederick Lyman, Beverly Moody, Linda Prince, Richard Scariot and Gary Vandenberg were selected by council on Monday evening during their regular voting meeting.
David Montrose withdrew his name for consideration on Monday, and Daryl Teblum received only one vote for selection from Councilmember Kevin McGrail.
Its unclear when the the commission will begin discussing the redistricting of the city.
City spokeswoman Connie Barron said Monday the commission will likely have to wait until the city receives the 2010 Census information. That information is likely not due until early next year.
“It may be a while,” Barron added.
The Redistricting Commission is tasked with examining the size and shape of thee city’s seven voting districts.
According to the city charter, the redistricting commission must file a redistricting recommendation with the city clerk’s office within six months of receiving the current census data, every 10 years.