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Coming to a curb near you… Cape residents get ready as new waste services contract goes into effect Oct. 1

By Staff | Sep 25, 2010

On Oct. 1 Waste Pro will take over as the city’s waste management service provider, and with the new service comes a new way in which garbage and recyclables will be collected.
Waste Pro uses an automated system to collect those materials as opposed to manpower.
The entire system is predicated on the new garbage and recycle “carts”, which are lifted by arms on the trucks and the contents are then dumped.
Because of this new system, its absolutely vital that the carts are positioned correctly once the new service does begin, according to Waste Pro regional vice president Keith Banasiak.
“Its important that the lid opening faces the street,” he said.
The carts must also be set roughly three feet apart, on the edge of the property. For those homes with curbs, set the carts three feet apart, next to the curb on the street.
Carts are not to be placed under trees, as the automated pick up service requires at least 15 feet of overhead clearance.
Where tight parking situations exist on a residential street, have at least 3 feet between the carts and the vehicles. Place the carts in the street with wheels touching curb or edge.
Although the new service doesn’t officially start until Oct. 1, Banasiak said some residents are already using the carts.
The city’s current waste service provider, Waste Management, has been picking them up, Banasiak said.
“The present hauler was instructed by me not to pick them up but is doing so. They’re not required to,” Banasiak added. “The hauler is picking them up and it’s slowing them down.”
Banasiak said that cart distribution has been going well and they will have all the carts distributed on schedule.
He also said Waste Pro was “30 percent complete” with swapping out commercial Dumpsters at multi-family units. Commercial or multi-family units with Waste Management Dumpsters after Oct. 1 will still be serviced, Banasiak said.
The change in provider has caused a few Cape Coral residents to question the move, saying the new carts are too big to stored properly, or too big to be moved easily.
Walter Specht said the waste cart — which he measures at 30 inches wide — is too large to store in his garage.
“If I keep it in my garage I can’t even put my car in there,” Specht said. “It’s absolute overkill. You could put three weeks worth of trash in the large container.”
Specht has spoken several times before city council, pleading with them to either change the size of the carts or go back to using Waste Management.
Like Specht, John Barth said he thinks the carts are too big.
He said too that carts have been placed on the edge of driveways of vacant homes in his neighborhood on Everest Parkway.
Barth said he’s moved some out of the road.
“As I take walks I see these cans are sitting out and we have to take them up and put them by the garage,” Barth said.
People who have problems moving the can get help from Waste Pro, but Banasiak said medical documentation is needed, as is proof that relatives or friends don’t live nearby who can lend a hand.
Banasiak also said that yard waste can be handled in much of the same manner as it is currently. Small amount of waste can be put in the cart, or in the case of a few palm fronds, set on grass near the containers.
Large bundles of limbs need to be tied and bound and placed near the containers, Banasiak said.
If anyone has any questions regarding Waste Pro or the new service, call 945-0800.
A Cape Coral representative did not return calls seeking comment.