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Attorneys bring the Constitution to the classroom

By Staff | Sep 25, 2010

Diplomat Middle School students had the opportunity to hear about the constitution from Lee County attorneys who volunteered their time in honor of Constitution Week.
Executive Director of the Lee County Bar Association Nanci DuBois said this is the second year attorneys have visited schools in Lee County during Constitution Week. She said the first year seven attorneys participated at only a handful of schools. This year 25 attorneys and one Lee County 20th Circuit Judge made 48 presentations at a dozen schools, which included elementary, middle and high schools.
She said the celebration of Constitution Day was on Sept. 17, but since they experienced such an overflow of participation, they decided to expand freedom week for another week in the schools.
DuBois said she thinks the participation by the attorneys promotes the understanding of our documents that guide the country. She said the attorneys’ presentations provide the students with the opportunity to understand how the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence relates to their every day lives.
“The freedoms we enjoy are unique to our country,” she said.
DuBois said the more the students understand how that process works, the better off they will be when they become young adults.
Tanya Norris, a teacher at Diplomat Middle School said this is the first year they have participated in Constitution Week and she hopes they can do it again next year.
Attorney Stu Pepper and Attorney Deborah Wainey donated their time to speak to the middle school students.
“It’s nice for the kids to hear different speakers talk,” she said.
Norris said it is neat for the kids to hear them talk because something the attorneys say may spark a moment of interest where the students are motivated to pursue that career path.
DuBois said they are very proud of member attorneys for their participation, along with the judge who entered the classrooms.
“We absolutely will be participating next year,” she said. “We anticipate even better participation by both sides next year. We are very pleased.”