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From a 170-pound Couch Potato to a 185-pound Weakling

By Staff | Sep 23, 2010

Have you heard about the incident on the beach? Neither have I so let’s move on.

Have you heard about the new owners of the Sanibel Health Club, formerly known as the Sanibel Fitness Center? hope by now that you’re aware that this facility on Rabbit Road has reopened and that Tim Shevlin and Jenna Hoyt, two young and capable fitness trainers, now own it.

I personally may be the longest running patron at this facility. I was a patron when it first opened about twenty years ago and continued to work out there as owners came and went and as various renovations took place. I was a patron when a fire consumed the entire facility and put it out of commission for almost a year.

But then it reopened and I was back-until the day the original Sanibel Fitness Center closed its doors several years ago. And then one day I was on my way to Doc Ford’s for dinner and noticed that the lights in the fitness center were back on.

I went inside and was greeted by this massive body named Tim. Aside from being a licensed fitness trainer, Tim also competes as a body builder and weight lifter. And boy does he have the goods. Am I jealous? Comparing my muscles to Tim’s is like comparing Jell-O to concrete. And I’m not the concrete.

And then I was introduced to Jenna. Aside from being one gorgeous lady, Jenna is also quite muscular — but in all the right places. Tim and Jenna are certainly in the right field. They are both enthusiastic about helping people like me become fit.

They are like a breath of fresh air in Sanibel. They’re likable, outgoing and knowledgeable. Tim may be larger than life but he doesn’t flaunt his herculean muscles. He simply says if I can do it you can, too. Fat chance.

What finally persuaded me to take fitness and muscle tone seriously was the derisive laughter of two female passersby on the beach when I attempted to hold my stomach in one day.

Tim promised me that no one would laugh at my physique again. That he would be the last one. So I said to Tim, “Okay, then, put me to work. I want to compete in the Senior Mr. Sanibel contest one year from now.”

Tim persuaded me that I was aiming too high. He suggested that we compete