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Brosy joins South Seas as manager of retail

By Staff | Sep 23, 2010

Michael Brosy, pictured at the deli counter of the Captiva Provision Company in Chadwick’s Square, joined South Seas Island Resort as its newest Manager of Retail.

Last week, South Seas Island Resort announced the appointment of Michael Brosy as manager of retail.

Brosy will be taking over all retail operations owned by the resort, which includes the Captiva Provision Company and three shops located within the gates of the resort.

Brosy, a resident of Fort Myers for almost 10 years, made his first trip to South Seas in 1976.

“I came here on vacation way back then and, since then, and been in and out of the resort through many, many changes. In all those years, there have been a lot of changes in the resort and in the islands — certainly a lot of changes in Captiva,” Brosy said.

A native of St. Louis, Brosy attended St. Louis University and got his start in the world of retail with the May Department Stores company. From there, he jumped into cosmetics and fragrances at Revlon, where he met his wife Carla.

The couple ended up in Chicago where they started their own award-winning home decor store. After five years of running the successful business, they sold the store and Brosy was hired in at Steinmart.

In 1994, the Brosy family welcomed a son, Steven, and started making regular trips to Southwest Florida, and, when Steven was getting ready to start first grade, the family made the moved to Fort Myers.

After several years at Saks Fifth Avenue at the Bell Tower Shops and then at Wachovia Bank, Carla — who is the branch manager at Bank of America on Sanibel — heard there was an opening at South Seas that would be perfect for her husband.

“I feel very fortunate to have been selected,” Brosy said. “A lot of the things I’ve done is what South Seas wants to do. They’ve been very successful in coming up with a branding concept for the resort and they’ve made adjustments and begun to fine-tune the direction of what that branding concept is, and so now we want to apply that to retail.”

Because Brosy’s career has taken him all over the retail spectrum — from community department stores to high-end retailers — he said that experience will help him pinpoint the merchandise and niches that work best at the resort.

“Sanibel and Captiva are about relaxation and understated elegance. We have to figure out as a merchant how we fit into that. That’s what I’m here to do.”

Rejuvenating the resort’s apparel opportunities — through what resort staffers refer to as “The Logo Shop” — is at the top of his list.

“One of the huge components we’re missing right now is appealing to the family. We do a good job with adults, but we have a big opportunity with children and infants, which we’re only touching on right now. We want to have merchandise that coincides with this family-oriented branding,” he said.

After clothing, food is next on the list.

“This is a very unique resort. It’s not just a hotel — the majority of the accommodations here are units that have kitchens. We’re going to focus on making it easier to provide food to guests, because a lot of guests want to use their kitchens,” Brosy said. “We already do the high end very well, but do we do peanut butter and jelly? That’s what families want. We want to strike a balance between convenience and a quality dining experience — ease with a gourmet flare.”

And Brosy knows family.

He and his wife Carla’s 15-year-old son Steven is a football and soccer player and part of the International Baccalaureate program at Fort Myers High School.

Brosy also has two daughters: Amanda, who’s in her last year of law school, and Lauren, the mother of Brosy’s two grandsons, two-year-old Trevor and 12-week-old Wesley.

Brosy said he’s excited about becoming a part of the South Seas — and Captiva — community.

“It’s a beautiful environment. I find it very creatively stimulating. There is a tremendous creative influence in art and architecture and the whole island community is very much a creative group,” he said. “To me, it’s fabulous. I knew during the interview process that this was something that I was very excited about. I’m thrilled that it happened. It’s so great to be a part of it.”