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An ephemeral goal

By Staff | Sep 23, 2010

To the editor,

A recent letter in the Island Reporter by Jennifer Scott managed to bash corporate polluters or dirty industries five times in one brief letter. I would wager that essentially all corporations and businesses are in compliance with the current EPA regulations.

Much of our current pollution can be attributed to farm runoff and government operations (i.e. sewage treatment plants) as well as abandoned government sites including nuclear energy processing facilities. What she doesn’t tell us is that, to take just one example: the ozone standard that the government is proposing to reduce from 75 parts per billion to 60 parts per billion would cost $90 billion to implement.

Given our current economic situation with joblessness and increased poverty, does it make any sense at all to spend money on such an ephemeral goal? Remember, this is your money these people are spending.

Jim Drotleff