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Cape Coral Arts Studio to offer mural class

By Staff | Sep 16, 2010

The Cape Coral Arts Studio will embark on a never-before-done project of creating a full-size mural during their fall session class at the end of the month.
“We are so excited about our mural project,” Cape Coral Arts Studio Supervisor Cher Bear Bell said. “We are doing it as a class so it is going to be an ongoing process.”
Dane Anthony, mural painter and painting instructor, has taught at the Cape Coral Art Studio for at least 10 years.
“He has done quite a few murals within the area,” Bell said, adding that they have been done in full-size.
The class will teach students how to enlarge a design to mural size, how to treat the surface for the design, how to transfer the design, how to paint large scale, how to apply faux and trompe l’oeil applications and how to properly seal the mural.
“It is a project that people can really become involved with,” Bell said. “It has a quality of time to it — a progression to it. It is something that will be a focal point for the city.”
The class, which is $100 for Cape Coral residents and $120 for non Cape Coral residents, will be held from Sept. 28 through Nov. 9.
“I am really excited right now to get them started,” she said about the students beginning the class. “I think it is something the Cape can be proud of.”
Bell said the mural will be painted approximately eight to 14 feet off the ground and is located in building two of the Art Studio near the store and the extended ceiling.
Bell said the mural will depict an underwater scene and the plan is to incorporate the ceiling, so it appears that you are looking up towards the surface of the water.
“We are really excited,” she said.
Bell said they are prepared that it may take a year or two to finish the mural, and she said will be interesting to document the progression.
The Cape Coral Arts Studio is at 4533 Coronado Pkwy in Rubicond Park. For information call (239) 574-0802 or email Cher Bear Bell at cbell@capecoral.net.