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Lee schools SAT scores see significant jump

By Staff | Sep 13, 2010

Students who participated in the Scholastic Assessment Test showed significant improvements in their average reading, math and writing scores.
There also was an increase of 99 in the number of students who participated in the SAT test from last year, which amounted to 2,094 students.
Chief Academic Officer Dr. Constance Jones said she believes the increase in students taking the SAT is due to fewer senior dropouts over the past three to four years, along with many programs that have been implemented for students.
The College Board showed that an average SAT reading score rose by 12 points in Lee County, whereas the state average decrease by one and the national average remained the same. The Lee County reading score jumped above the state average for the first time.
The math score also showed an increase in Lee County, with an increase of 10 points. The state math scores remained the same and the national average of the SAT math score increased by one point.
The writing score for Lee County also climbed 12 points, while the state and national scores experienced a decrease.
Jones said the district has seen a positive correlation between SAT scores and the number of students who are enrolled in advanced level courses. She said the students who are taking advanced level courses have more than doubled at the high school level.
The Advancement Via Individual Determination elective course also has helped students do better on their SATs.
Jones said AVID provides students with the ability to receive additional tutoring and support, which is done via the mentoring by college students.
“We have implemented that program in many middle and high schools,” she said.
The summer SAT Prep Camp has also provided opportunities for students to sharpen their verbal, writing and mathematical skills. Jones said the district has seen an increase of student participation over the past several years for the program.
“I was very pleased and proud of our schools and students performance,” Jones said about the SAT scores.
The SAT is a test widely used by colleges and universities to predict academic success of students, as well as a way to determine academic admissions. In addition, the SAT can be used for graduation by students who did not pass the FCAT test.