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Mariner High to offer math classes to parents

By Staff | Sep 9, 2010

A Mariner High School math teacher will provide free math classes for parents beginning on Sept. 15.
Relax…Refresh…Relearn, otherwise known as R^3, is a free math class for MHS parents to help teach them skills they can use at their current job, or to find a better job, or to simply help their child understand their math homework.
“I am going to start the class for parents to help them in their job situation; maybe they have to take a test to keep their job, enhance their job or get a better job,” MHS math teacher Cindy Burke said.
Burke said she also wanted to start the class for the Mariner High Schools parent population because she has heard from her students that their parents do not know how to help them with their math homework.
“It’s time,” she said about offering the class. “I’m tired of hearing this.”
Assistant Principal for Curriculum Kimberly Verblaauw said right now they have six parents interested in the class. She said she hopes to have a total of 30 parents.
“Hopefully, we will have some parents show up,” she said.
Burke said she is going to start the class by giving the parents a math work sheet, so they can go through problems to see where the help is needed. She said she already knows they will be spending a lot of time working on fractions.
A syllabus will be provided for the parents, so they know what they will be learning for the next couple of weeks, she said.
Basic math skills will be taught, along with algebra and geometry, among other math skills if necessary.
Burke said she is going to pick out the most important algebra topics they need to know to help their child, along with what they need to know for the workforce. She said a huge area she will include in the algebra lesson plan is solving equations.
Burke said she has already begun to contact people in the workforce to figure out what kind of skills the parents need to learn.
Verblaauw said people might be stuck at a certain level within their jobs due to their math skills, so the class will help them gain knowledge to improve their performance.
“With unemployment rates so high, Burke felt like it would be a good way to give back to the community,” Verblaauw said.
She said the other portion of the class will also provide parents with the tools they need to help their child understand their math homework.
Verblaauw said since the children have stressed many times that no one is helping them at home, the class also will teach parents how to assist their child.
She said this will be a focal point because Burke wants to provide the parents with resources on how they can find certain information online to improve their child’s math skills at home.
The school is trying to build that communication of literacy at home as well as at school, Verblaauw said.
Burke said has asked members of the MHS National Honors Society to help out with the any language barriers she may encounter with the class, since they need community service points.
The classes will be held at MHS in room 154 from 7 to 9 p.m.
Parents can park in the parking lot along Chiquita Boulevard and go into the side door. Room 154 is the first room on the right.
The class dates are scheduled for Sept. 15, 23 and 30, Oct. 6, 14 and 21, Nov. 2, 10 and 18, Dec. 1, 8 and 14 and Jan. 6 and 11.
She wants the parents to come into the classroom feeling comfortable, Burke said.
She plans to bring in homemade goodies for the parents to snack on, adding that the they are more than welcome to bring a non-alcoholic beverage, chips and sandwiches with them.
“I want to make it fun and interesting or they won’t come back,” she said, laughing.
For information call Cindy Burke at (239) 772-3324 ext. 306 or email her at cindylg@leeschools.net.