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Land development code survey notices are in the mail

By Staff | Sep 3, 2010

Last week, the Captiva Community Panel sent out the first wave of postcards notifying all Captiva property owners and registered voters of the Panel’s land development code survey.

The cards detail instructions on how property owners and voters can provide input and comments on the changes made to Captiva’s land development code over the past year.

The survey will cover changes made to language in the code about mangrove protection, water quality specifications, signage and height restrictions. The section devoted to height restrictions will be accompanied by a chart that illustrates building restrictions corresponding to certain flood zones.

Captivans who don’t know which flood zone their property is in will be able to access a hyperlink to determine its location.

“The survey is open through Sept. 30, and results will be presented to the Captiva Community Panel at its Oct. 19 meeting,” said Panel Administrator Ken Gooderham.

A follow-up card was sent out on Sept. 1 as a reminder to all qualified Captiva property owners and registered voters.

“They’ll either their voter identification number or property STRAP number to access the survey, and they can provide input both as a voter and for as many properties for which they are listed as owner,” Gooderham said.

People that are qualified to take the survey can access it online through the panel website, www.captivacommunitypanel.com or at www.surveymonkey.com/s/CaptivaLDCsurvey.

If people have questions about the survey, they can contact Ken Gooderham at kengooderham@comcast.net or 239-489-2616.

The Panel will meet on Tuesday, Sept. 14, at 9 a.m. in the Wakefield Room at ‘Tween Waters Inn.