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Ronald Reagan didn’t know Rick Scott

By Staff | Sep 2, 2010

To the editor,

I’m ashamed and disappointed with my fellow local Republicans’ support of Rick Scott. Democrats soundly rejected the mega-expenditure campaign of Jeff Green, but Republicans bought the deceptive tactics of Rick Scott hook, line, sinker, pole, boat, and marina.

It will be interesting to watch the Republican Party of Florida try to make lemonade out of this disaster.

I’ve written before that character and ideology are important to me, and with this past election, Mr. Scott does not have enough money to hide his character deficiencies from me. His campaign to utilize voter outrage is fair game, but his successful camouflage of business ethical problems and use of personal smear tactics are concepts that voters all decry, but often sway their judgments at voting time.

If you think 23 percent was a low turnout, wait until you see how many informed Republicans don’t cast a gubernatorial vote in the general election.

Ronald Reagan is one of my heroes, but he was dead wrong that I am bound to support crooks and charlatans just because they put an “R” after their name.

Paul Reynolds