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Employment contract with second Organizational Effectiveness Program consultant signed

By Staff | Sep 2, 2010

Gary King appointee Jim Martin signed his contract with the city of Cape Coral Tuesday.
The Community Redevelopment vice chair and a one time city council candidate, Martin was selected by the city manager as his second Organizational Effectiveness Program consultant.
Martin will be charged with reviewing the city’s Public Works Department, according to King, at a rate of $39 an hour, for a contract term of three months.
Martin will report directly to King, and like his counterpart, Bill Towler, will have access to a city vehicle for use while on city business.
King said previously he hired Martin because of his background as an executive with Rockwell International, a aircraft manufacturer and defense contractor.
King said Martin’s experience working with the B1 bomber program makes him an ideal candidate to overhaul the city’s public works program.
“He will move forward immediately with a comprehensive assessment of the public works department … and identify ways to make it more cost efficient,” King said.