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Endorsement: Vote Steven K. Teuber, School board, District 4, Non-partisan race

By Staff | Aug 18, 2010

 When Steven Teuber first ran for the Lee County School Board eight years ago he promised to bring a business-like approach to a system fraught with problems.

He has kept that promise and in doing so has earned our vote for another term in District 4.

While Mr. Teuber himself will state that the district has room for improvement — he gives it a “B” grade overall — he also accurately touts the incremental improvements made over the last six or so years.

Those improvements include gains in the graduation rate, a reduction in the dropout rate, and gains in standardized test scores.

He takes pride in the district’s standardization of the kindergarten through 12th grade curriculum — crucial in a district with a 42 percent “mobility rate” among students — and the implementation of “comprehensive high schools,” schools that offer specialized courses that gives students a jump in a variety of categories from academics to trade-related skill sets.

Talk to Mr. Teuber and he’ll rattle off numbers and stats, talk processes and methods, and then apply these business practices to making the district more efficient and better able to educate our children.

This is key.

To best serve constituents, in this case students and parents, policy makers should bring a variety of skills and backgrounds to the table. With his background in both business and law, Mr. Teuber brings a unique perspective unmatched across the three races on the ballot.

We endorse Steven Teuber for Lee County School Board in District 4.

This is a countywide, non-partisan race, meaning all registered voters can cast a ballot regardless of party affiliation or where they live in Lee County.


Also running: Don Armstrong