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New trash bin distribution to begin

By Staff | Aug 14, 2010

Waste Pro is set to take over the city’s garbage and recycle collection on Wednesday, Oct. 1.
Over the next eight weeks, Waste Pro will start delivering the new trash bins, or “carts”, beginning in the north Cape and working their way south.
The carts should all be delivered by no later than Oct. 1.
Waste Pro Regional Vice President Keith Banasiak said it was vitally important that residents don’t use the new carts until that date.
The city’s current waste collector, Waste Management, will not pick up the trash and recycle materials if residents use the new carts prior to Oct. 1.
Banasiak said each cart has an indicator on the inside, written in both English and Spanish, that the carts are not to be used while Waste Management is still collecting.
Residents began receiving flyers in the mail last week informing them of the new waste collection service.
The flyers give pictorial instructions on how, and where, to place the new carts in front of their home.
An automated collection service, Banasiak said it was also crucial to Waste Pro’s collection process that each cart be placed accordingly.
Not all streets in Cape Coral have curbs, like the pictorial illustrations in the flyer, but Banasiak said people should just use common sense when taking out the trash.
“As long as it’s accessible, that’s what matters,” he said. “You want to make sure it’s right at the curb, and that the lid and opening are facing the street.”
People without curbs need to merely place the carts on the edge of their property, on a flat surface life the grass or the drive way.
The carts also need to be well spaced, at least three feet apart, as the collection truck’s arms need to be able to grab hold of the containers.
The carts must also be clear of mailboxes, trees, posts and vehicles.
Anyone who might have trouble pushing or moving the carts down to the edge of their property because of age or a serious medical condition are encouraged to contact Waste Pro.
Banasiak said Waste Pro is not willing to work with someone who merely does not want to move the carts by themselves.
For those needing a Waste Pro employee’s help moving the cart, Banasiak said there are a few criteria.
“You need a medical excuse from the doctor, you can’t have anyone living with you that’s able, or a relative that lives nearby or you share with a neighbor or have a neighbor help you,” Banasiak said, adding, “If someone just doesn’t want to deal with, that’s not enough. They have to have a reason.”
People unable to move the carts should contact Waste Pro at 945-0800.
Once Waste Pro takes over services from Waste Management in Cape Coral, it will represent the single biggest collection service change in the state this year, according to Banasiak.
He’s urging patience while the process unfolds, especially when it comes to proper cart placement.
“It’s going to take time for customers and drivers to understand where the proper placement is going to be,” he said. “Have patience.”