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Narcotics Interdiction Unit intercepts packages filled with marijuana

By Staff | Aug 7, 2010

Members of the Narcotics Highway/Parcel Interdiction Unit intercepted two parcels from a local packing and shipping facility Friday that they suspected contained narcotics.
The parcels attracted detectives’ attention through several indicators. These indicators included an address from the sender that appeared fictitious; boxes that were sealed with an abnormal amount of tape; boxes that had a noticeable odor of glue and spray foam commonly used to mask the odors of illegal narcotics; and the top and bottom of the boxes that had been glued down to prevent any odor from escaping the box.
A K-9 alert on both boxes resulted in search warrants being issued and tracking devices being placed inside the boxes. Both boxes were opened and each box contained approximately ten pounds of marijuana.
A controlled delivery, utilizing undercover detectives, was conducted at a local business, “Ray the Mover” at 12600 Westlinks Drive in Gateway.
An individual identified as Mark McAlear, 48, of 2079 45th Terrace, Naples was contacted at “Ray the Mover” and agreed to accept the packages after acknowledging they contained marijuana, officials said.
McAlear allegedly paid the undercover detectives $100 for the packages. After the transaction, both detectives departed the business and left the marijuana in possession of McAlear.
At this time, members of the Narcotics Unit entered the business and observed McAlear going through the box of marijuana in the warehouse.
McAlear was subsequently arrested and charged with possession of marijuana over twenty grams and sale or delivery of marijuana. The investigation continues and other possible suspects and conspirators are being sought.

Source: Lee County Sheriff’s Office