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Cape manager looks to outside expertise for organizational strategy

By Staff | Aug 7, 2010

City Manager Gary King is looking to hire two “Organizational Effectiveness Program Consultants” for three-month contract terms at $30 – $40 an hour.
According to the job description on Cape Coral’s website, these individuals will be responsible for acting as internal consultants “to City departments, executives, and staff on issues related to improving organizational effectiveness, including but not limited to: strategic planning, management systems, city resources, conflict resolution, employee morale, staff development, and organizational change.”
Minimum qualifications for the position include a “bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in business or extensive equivalent experience with five or more years of executive management experience in a large organization, and completion of related professional training in organizational development, strategic planning, staff development, and implementation of organizational change.”
In an email to council members dated Aug. 5, King wrote that the contract positions will be for an “initial” three-month period and report directly to the city manager.
King also wrote that funding for the positions is currently within the 2010 amended budget, and that he expects to “achieve a measurable return on investment (ROI) that far exceeds the cost of these resources.”
King could not be reached for comment as of Friday evening.
City spokeswoman Connie Barron said King made it clear during the interview process that he would take a “holistic” look at the organization of the city.
Only one person, Barron said that King alone could not conquer the organizational challenges the city is facing in a timely manner.
“It should not be a surprise he wants to utilize the talents of an outside consultant that has the business acumen and can take a different look and approach to how city government conducts its operations,” Barron said. “He was very up front with that in the interview process.”
Councilmember Pete Brandt said King’s move to seek outside help was both wise and economical.
He said that direction to department managers from the contract positions would sit better than if they came from King.
“If he alone proposed changes it would not sit well with a lot of people,” Brandt said. “I suspect he wants professionals in this area to give advice so its not all coming from him.”
Brandt also said he sees no issue with King getting help achieving his incentive bonuses, and sees the advantages of seeking outside help.
Brandt added that King never presented himself as an organizational expert during the interview process.
“I don’t think he touts himself as being an organizational expert. He recommended the organization needed some help,” Brandt said.
Mayor John Sullivan, Councilmember Kevin McGrail and Councilmember Chris Chulakes-Leetz could not be reached for comment.
Councilmember Bill Deile said he had not seen the job description as of Friday, and did not want to comment until he had an opportunity to speak with Gary King.