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Leadership we can trust

By Staff | Aug 4, 2010

To the editor,


I write in support of Mike Jackson for District 1, Lee County Commission.


Mike has more combined business and government experience than anyone else in this race. This is his first run for office, so he’s not a career politician. Mike is our chance to put a fresh face on the Board.


We need to rebuild and transform our economy. Mike is an economic development professional with global experience. Mike owned a small business. He has an MBA from Northwestern University. Mike is clearly the best qualified to attract new investment and make our county more business-friendly.


Mike knows how government works, yet he thinks like a business person. He’s best qualified to control costs and make our government work better.


Mike is a lifelong champion for programs that help people challenged by mental illness, drug abuse and illiteracy. He loves our environment and wants to protect it.


As a network TV newscaster, Mike reported on the kinds of challenges we face today. He understands the issues and leads by listening.


This is a pivotal election for Lee County. With Mike, we all have the opportunity to vote for quality and integrity. Mike Jackson is proven leadership we can trust.


Ann Wilke

Fort Myers