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Deplorable, deceitful and dishonest

By Staff | Aug 4, 2010

To the editor,

Thank you for your efforts in reporting about the City of Sanibel regarding the Raintree Place matter.


The act of concealing and withholding an available public record by certain public officials (i.e. City of Sanibel Street Maps) after official public records requests from law enforcement officers during a criminal investigation, from our attorneys and my husband was deplorable, deceitful and dishonest.

I believe that City Attorney Ken Cuyler, City Manager Judie Zimomra, former Planning Director Bruce Rogers, former Deputy Planning Director Ken Pfalzer and current Planning Director Jimmy Jordon tried at any cost to protect themselves from their mistake. The City allowed the Gomberg house to be built not in accordance with the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Land Development Codes.


In essence, I have found this matter to be the most egregious example of a city failing — for the last eight years — to have done the right thing. I believe the acts of altering, concealing and withholding public records to be unethical and immoral, if not criminal. This has resulted in the breach of the public’s trust and it has resulted in me losing confidence in the City of Sanibel and in the way those named city’s officials carried out their duties and responsibilities while their salaries were being paid by my tax dollars.


Lastly, as a licensed allied health professional, if I had concealed, withheld and/or altered any type of medical record or insurance form, I would have been severely disciplined, if not terminated. I trust that the Sanibel City Council will now assume their duly elected responsibility of holding their staff accountable and responsible to the voters of the City of Sanibel.


Catherine T. Maxwell