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Weimaraners make contribution to LCDAS Community Pet Pantry

By Staff | Jul 28, 2010

From left, Karen Cornwall with Mac and Bel, Salli Kirkland, Linda Povey with Maya, Billy Kirkland with Kubbie and Fuji.

Five civic-minded Weimaraners recently visited their favorite dog-friendly bank to make a deposit. Not the kind of deposit some dogs make on your lawn, mind you. Their deposit actually was a large change bank full of money.

In March of 2009, Billy and Salli Kirkland’s Weimaraners — Kubbie and Fuji — had nine beautiful pups. So many people came to visit the puppies that a guest register, and eventually a donation jar, were part of the puppy viewing.

The Kirklands had started the donation jar as a way to collect loose coins that could be used to help feed dogs that were not as fortunate as their "famous Sanibel pups." All nine of the  puppies were placed with dog loving families, but  many  came back to visit Kubbie and Fuji for their first birthday reunion this March. The  donation jug was on prominent display at the party and getting full.

Recently, thanks to the owners of two puppies, Karen and her sister Linda, visiting from  Philadelphia, the donation jar was filled to the top. The sisters and their dogs, Maya and Bel along with their 10-year-old Weim, Mac, also helped Kubbie and Fuji get the deposit to the bank. 

Bank Of The Islands manager Rob Lisenbee and all the staff were happy to accept the change jar and rewarded the drooling dogs with the healthy treats they always have available for canine visitors. The jar had $175.63, which the Kirklands  will donate to The Community Pet Pantry. Donna Ward, director of Lee County Domestic Animal Services, suggested the Pantry, which provides pet food and services to Lee county residents receiving public assistance and are struggling to keep their pets.

Kubbie trades the change jar for a dog treat.