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Shell Museum’s store announces coloring contest age group winners

By Staff | Jul 26, 2010

Mariela Hutchins, a 9 year old from White Bear Lake, Minn., won her age group in the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum store’s coloring contest.

Katie Kalhorn of Rockville, Md. and Mariela Hutchins of White Bear Lake, Minn. have a few things in common.

They both recently visited Sanibel, love collecting shells, entered the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum store’s coloring contest, and won first place in their respective age divisions.

In July, Mariela’s family made their first trip to Sanibel. As a child, Mariela’s dad spent time on Sanibel every summer, so it’s not surprising that Sanibel made it to the top of the list as he and his family explored potential vacation destinations.

Mariela is 9 years old and in the fall she will be entering the fourth grade at O.H. Anderson Elementary in Natomedi, Minn.

“I like coming to Sanibel because of the manatee, the beaches and collecting shells,” reported Katie. “I found a lot of shells this year, like fighting conchs and lightning whelks, but my very favorite is the alphabet cone. Other than finding shells, my favorite activity was taking a boat trip to Cayo Costa.

Katie Kalhorn of Rockville, Md. won her age group with her drawing.

“I’m lucky because my aunt has a house on Captiva, so we can stay with her,” she added.

Katie, her two brothers and her parents made their third trek to Sanibel in July, staying for two weeks. She attends St. Elizabeth Elementary School.

“When we visit Sanibel I like to go shopping, walk on the beach, and collect shells.  My favorite shell is the crown conch. I found lots of them this year. I like to decorate my room with shells,” Katie added.

While visiting Sanibel this year, Katie attended the Shell Museum’s Cartoon Camp, led by cartoonist Dave Horton.

“I had so much fun drawing shells and other sea creatures,” Katie added.

Katie’s mom, Kay, shares her daughter’s sentiment about their vacation destination.

“Most of all, I come to Sanibel to relax. Katie and I enjoy shopping and collecting shells. My husband and the boys are more into fishing,” Kay reported.

In recognition of their winning artwork, Katie and Mariela will receive mermaid books donated by the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum store.