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Delay in billing may mean higher balance due for city utility customers

By Staff | Jul 22, 2010

Residents who get their utilities through the city may find their balances have nearly doubled because of a delay in the billing system.
Some payers were shocked when they received the inflated bills, but city officials stressed that rates have not increased.
Connie Barron, city spokesperson, said certain checks weren’t issued because of software issues within the city’s new JD Edwards system.
As a result, recently issued bills could include a resident’s balance for up to two months.
“Some people were not receiving their bills when they normally do because of some software issues,” she said. “Because of the delay in mailing, the billing may be for more than 30 days.”
Barron confirmed that some bills are higher because the city is charging for 35 days of usage, instead of 29 or 30. She added that nobody’s bill should have doubled.
The city posted a notification on its website (www.capecoral.net) for any residents effected by the delay. Those who haven’t received their bill should within a week, and once the issue is corrected the billing cycle will return to normal.
Furthermore, no one’s service will be interrupted nor will late payments be levied during the transition.