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Hurricane committee pleased with homeowner response

By Staff | Jul 21, 2010

The Captiva Hurricane Preparation and Response Committee met last Thursday to discuss the success of a mass homeowner mailing in May.

With a budget of $1,000 from the Captiva Community Panel, the Hurricane Committee organized a mass mailing to all Captiva homeowners that contained storm preparation information and a homeowner’s letter, which authorizes a person to be on the homeowner’s property after a storm.

The number of homeowner’s letters on file before the mailing were dismal, according to the committee, hovering around a count of only 100.

But Lt. Joe Poppalardo of the Lee County Sheriff’s Department says the mailing was a success.

“The response was phenomenal. We received something like 610 letters. Compared to prior years, that’s a lot of response,” Poppalardo said. “Some people were confused as to what the letter was and what the purpose was and I just told them that it gives us a better handle on who is supposed to be where on the property after a storm. We want to make sure that if we find a person on your property, they have the authorization to be there. It’s a tool that helps us protect everybody.”

The mailing has also brought the efforts of the committee to the attention of many Captivans.

“I had a lot of phone calls and everyone was appreciative of the Hurricane Committee and felt that the mailing was a nice idea. They were very complimentary of the committee,” Poppalardo said.

Unless Captiva experiences a storm that would require the organization to put plans into effect, the Hurricane Committee will not meet again until October.

To learn more about the committee and learn more about how to prepare for a storm, go to www.MyCaptiva.info.